Clarins has been producing animal and cruelty free skin care, cosmetic and fragrance products since 1954. They’d been the first cosmetic company in the marketplace to create the dedication to be entirely animal free and stay among a small group that do so today. Their main focus is on product security and they’ve gone into great lengths to guarantee this for their clients. Clarins also prides its skincare results and on a regular basis conducts research on customer satisfaction. Clients are urged into complete satisfaction surveys, which are included in each box of Clarins skincare solutions. Additionally of how all Clarins skincare products are entirely free from animal ingredients, they’ve another doctrine which makes them unique.

Clarins founder and namesake, Jacques Courtin Clarins, studied medicine and esthetics before producing his skincare line. In addition, he developed new techniques in massage and utilized them in combination with plant oil extracts to invigorate and excite the skin and enhance its physical appearance. Today customers are given directions to apply the skincare products utilizing Clarins Youth Stimulating Method that’s a particular massage designed to stimulate the supply of nutrients into the skin’s epidermis so that you to attain maximum benefits and optimal outcomes. Clarins newest skincare release is Younger Longer Balm that’s intended to travel to what Clarins calls very source of aging that’s the circulatory and nerve systems of skin to trigger new collagen production and create a visual difference in the look of wrinkles and lines.

Other ingredients include Hawaiian Candlenut Oil and green algae extract into prevent dehydration, along with Expertise 3P which is supposed to defend skin from pollution within the environment. The Younger Longer Balm has a nourishment feel when it’s applied and a difference in the skin’s look can be noticed fairly quickly. The scent isn’t overpowering, it’s more of a clean, fresh, natural fragrance. Other latest skin care releases by Clarins include HydraQuench Lotion Together with SPF 15, that is a fresh non oily lotion which gives intense humidity along with great sun protection. The HydraQuench Lotion formula is made Together with katafray extract, Inca Peanut Oil, acid hyaluronic and alfalfa extract.

Clarins recommends the HydraQuench Lotion Together with SPF 15 for normal for combining skin types. It is nice to know which Clarins has found a way to create truly efficient skincare products without damaging animals or using animal solutions since its inception in 1954. They’ve consistently introduced new products and technology that proceeds to cope with the current trends without having to sacrifice their ideals. It’s also good to note that the solutions do what they say they’ll do. Michael Rares, has 3 decades experience in the Perfume Industry and is America’s first perfume wholesaler.

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